10% Increase in DA from July 2013

Posted by Sa Sukumaran | 23:56:00

AICPI-IW (All India Consumer Price Index applicable to Industrial Workers for the month of June 2013 has been released. CPI (IW) for June 2013 is 231. There is an increase of 3 points from the CPI for May 2013 which was 228, With this release of Consumer Price Index, we have all the data now to estimate the Dearnees Allowance eligibility to Central Government Employees and Pensioners with effect from July 2013.
This index gains significance as AICPI-IW from July-2012 to June-2013 will be required to calculate Central Government Employees DA from July 2013
AICPI (IW) for the period from July 2013 to April 2013
Jul 2012212
Aug 2012214
Sep 2012215
Oct 2012217
Nov 2012218
Dec 2012219
Jan 2013221
Feb 2013223
Mar 2013224
Apr 2013226
May 2013228
Jun 2013231
Earlier we had predicted that there will be an increase of 10% from the present DA of 80%. There was also a remote possibility for increase in DA to 91% which is 11% from the present level of 80% when Cosumer Price Index for June 2013 increased to 237.
Now we know that CPI – IW for June is 231. Hence, 10% increase of DA for Central Government Employees and Pensioners with effect from July 2013 is confirmed now. Please note that this is only an Arithmetical Calculation based on available Data released by Government from time to time. The actual increase of DA from July 2013 will be getting confirmed only if the Government formally issues orders for DA from July 2013 probably in the month of September or October 2013.