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Sub:- Filling up of vacancies of Sr.SO(A/cs) Sr.ISA and Sr.TIA Grade Rs.9300-34800 / Grade Pay Rs.4800/-through direct recruitment.

There are large number of vacancies of supervisory staff (Sr.SO/A/cs, Sr.TIA and Sr.ISA), of Accounts department on Railways. Shortage of the supervisory staff has resulted in accumulation of arrears, internal checks in Accounts Offices, Stations and Stores depots which is hampering the mandatory internai check mechanism and efficiency of Accounts department.

Despite arranging intensive training for departmental examination (Appendix-3 IREM) to aspiring candidates, sufficient number of candidates are not qualifying the examination. In this regard some of the Railways have approached Board’s office for recruitment of supervisory staff of Accounts department through RRBs. In order to meet with the situation, it is proposed to till 50% of the existing vacancies (as on 1/1/14) of Sr.SO/A/cs, Sr.TIA and Sr.ISAs through direct recruitment as a one-time measure. Similar course was adopted in the past for tilling up of posts of TIAs on N F Railway.

The existing staff will also be eligible for appearing in the proposed special recruitment in terms of para 115(iv) of Board’s letter no. E(NG)-II/2001/RR-1/35 dated 17/12/02 (RBE 221/2002) to appear in the recruitment examination of supervisory staff of Accounts department through RRB as departmental candidates.

Your considered views are solicited in the matter.

Yours faithfully,
(For Secretary, Railway Board)