No proposal to make 6 day week

Posted by Sa Sukumaran | 22:48:00

The Centre has denied that there is any proposal under consideration to revert to a six-day week in place of the existing five days in the administrative office of the Central government. 

This puts at rest speculation on the Centre's move to revert to a six-day week after Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister. 

The issue was raised by Shiva Gopal Mishra, secretary (staff side) National Council (JCM) in a meeting with Cabinet secretary Ajit Seth on Friday. 

Mishra, who is also general secretary of All India Railwaymen Federation, told TOI that Cabinet Secretary assured that no such proposal is under consideration with the government at present. 

The employees unions informed the government that five days a week working was introduced, way back in the year 1985 after prolonged deliberations at the National Council(JCM) level. Before introducing the decision several aspects, including energy saving in the form of electricity and also statutory provision regarding working hours were kept in view. 

Mishra also raised the issue of merger of 50 percent of DA into basic pay and sanctioning of interim relief for employees to compensate the erosion in real wages. 

The unions demanded that the issue should be included in terms and reference of 7th Pay commission which should come out with the recommendation in three months time. 

The DA has already touched 100 percent ceiling and is likely to cross the mark as another hike is due in July.