All India Railwaymen’s Federation
Dated: 5th May, 2014
The Members Staff, Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Implementation of MACP Scheme over Indian Railways – Discrepancies — Reg. 
Ref. (i) Board’s letter No.PC-V/2009/ACP/2 dated 10/6/2009(RBE No.101/2009) and dated 29/12/2011  (ii) Board’s letter No. PC-V/2011/M/3/AIRF dated 25/2/2014
The Modified Assured Carrier Progression scheme (MACPS) came into effect in terms of RBE No.101/2009 dated 10/6/2009 modifying the ACP scheme already invogue before this scheme. The Railway Board’s letter supra gives detailed provisions of MACPS as also clarifies a numbers of related issues. The illustration on page No. 9 of the said letter states at (a) under Para 28 that “in case an employee had earned first promotion within a period less than 10 years, say in 8 years of regular service and then continues in same grade pay for further 10 years, without any promotions, he will be entitled for 2nd financial upgardation under MACP on completion of 8+10=10 years and 3rd financial up gradation on completion of further 10 years service i.e. after 8+10+10=28 years.

Most of the Zonal Railways have implemented MACPS on the basis of above illustration in various categories of Railway staff. The Railway Board, however, while clarifying the matter vide their letter dated 29/12/2011 have stated that “1s, financial up gradation would be on completion of 10 years of continues service in same grade pay, 2nd on completion of 20 years service from the date of initial appointment or 10 years from the date of Is, financial upgradation/prornotion, whichever is earlier & 3rd financial up gradation would be admissible on completion of 30 years regular service of initial appointment or 10 years from the date of 2nd financial upgradation/promotion whichever is earlier.” The illustration under Para 28 in the Board’s letter dated 10/6/2009 has, however, been reiterated in the letter dated 29/12/2011 also. It is evident from the clarification that an employee would be eligible for 2nd & 3rd financial upgradation after completion of 10 & 20 years service from his/her first promotion.
However, the clarification further issued vide Board’s letter under reference at S.No-2 is in contradiction to the above provisions so far as the concluding line of the said letter is concerned, which states that ” It is not possible to agreed to grant of 3rd financial upgradation under MACPS on completion of 20 years of service after 1st promotion/ upgradation.
The Board are therefore, requested to further look into the matter in totality, as this would undo the provision already made vide Railway Board’s letter dated 10/6/2009 & 29/12/2011,resulting in a lot of recoveries from the staff in case of whom the MACPS has been implemented in terms of Railway Board’s letter under reference at S.No-1. This issue may be discussed with AIRF threadbare, so that there is no contradiction creating confusion in implementation of MACPS prevailed over Indian Railways and recoveries, if any being initiated on this account in any Zonal Railway, may be stopped till finalization of this issue.
This may kindly be treated as urgent.
Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary