7th CPC's visit to Leh and Srinagar

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The Commission has, in its first phase of interaction, been seeking the views of various stakeholders on its terms of reference. To this end, meetings have been held in Delhi with various organisations and heads of various agencies.

In its second phase of interaction, the Commission plans to hold meetings in different parts of the country to facilitate stakeholders staying in various areas to present their views personally before the Commission and ensure larger representation. This exercise is being undertaken to enable the Commission to get a firsthand impression about the functioning and the condition of service prevailing in different parts of the country.

Accordingly, the Commission, headed by its Chairman, Justice Shri A. K. Mathur, proposes to visit Leh and Srinagar between 15th September to 18th September, 2014. The Commission would like to invite various entities/associations/federations representing any/all categories of employees covered by the terms of Reference of the Commission to present their views.

Your request for a meeting with the Commission may be sent through e-mail to the Secretary, 7th Central Pay Commission at secy-7cpc@nic.in The memorandum already submitted by the requesting entity may also be sent as an attachment with this e-mail. The last date for receiving request for meeting is 5th September, 2014 (1700 hours).


No. E (NG)-II/2005/RR-1/8.
New Delhi, dated 28/08/2014
The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/ Production Units
Chairmen, Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBS)/Railway Recruitment Cells (RRCS)

Sub: Recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the railways - Adherence to prescribed qualification in recruitment from open market regarding.

Attention is invited to instructions contained in Board’s letter of even number dated 29/6/2006 which debar acceptance of allied/related qualification in lieu of the qualification prescribed by this Ministry and stipulates that candidate in possession of the qualification possessed in line with the extant instructions may only be considered for employment on the railways.

The above instructions were issued to streamline the already perturbed system of open market recruitment, wherein, candidates with similar qualification were being treated differently by different recruiting agencies leading to the matter open for litigation.

However, over a period of time it has been observed that recruiting agencies are seeking clarification from this Ministry on following accounts (i) recognition of institutions; (ii) recognition of courses from regulatory bodies, if any, or other nodal bodies; (iii) whether the course is offered through regular/ part-time/ distance learning/Membership of Association; (iv) duration of course; and (v) Equivalence.

Referring each and every issue to the nodal Departments/Ministries results in inordinate delay in finalizing candidature of candidates which further results in more complications viz. expiry of panels, candidates taking legal recourse etc.

Taking above things into consideration, instructions contained in letter dated 29/6/2006 ibid have been reviewed and it has been decided by the Board that empanelled candidates in possession of prescribed qualification from institutions run by Central Govemment/ State Govemment/ Bodies enacted by Act of Parliament or State Legislatures or recognized by Central Govemment/ State Govemment/ Bodies enacted by Act of Parliament or State Legislatures be allowed to join without further going into the issue of recognition. Validity or otherwise, of such recognition, if required, will be confirmed by the concerned recruiting agency, contacting directly to the Board/University or the Council as the case may be.

These guidelines do not affect in any way the instructions circulated vide letter No. E(NG)II/2010/RR-I/17 dated 08/12/2011.

Cases decided otherwise in the past need not be re-opened.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(Hindi version will follow)

(Ravi Shekhar)
Deputy Director Estt. (N)-II
Railway Board.


Government is likely to approve a hike in dearness allowance (DA) to 107% from the existing 100%, benefiting around 30 lakh Centre's employees and its 50 lakh pensioners including dependents.
"The average rate of retail inflation for industrial workers from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 works out to be 7.25%. Thus the Central government will hike dearness allowance for it employees by 7%," an official said.
He said the Finance Ministry will now put a Cabinet proposal for approval of 7% DA hike from July 1 this year as the revised Consumer Price Index-Industrial Workers data for June was released by Labour Ministry yesterday.
With increase in DA, the pensioners will also gain as the benefit provided to them as dearness relief will be hiked to 107% of basic pay.
The previous UPA government had increased DA to 100 per cent from 90 per cent with effect from January 1, 2014, on February 28 on the basis of agreed formula for revision of the allowance.
However, the central government employees' union is not very enthused by the 7% hike in the dearness allowance as their long pending demand of merger of DA with basic pay has not been given heed by 7th Pay Commission and the government.
"The erosion of value of wages is unbearable at 50% dearness allowance. Now it will be 107%. It is high time to merge DA with basic pay to provide relief to employees," Confederation of Central Government Employees' President KKN Kutty told PTI.
"We had summited our memorandum in this regard to 7th Pay Commission. They forwarded it to Central Government. We have apprised about the issue to the newly elected NDA government. But no decision has been taken so far," he said.
With merger of DA with basic pay, the salary and allowances paid in proportion of basic pay are increased. As per earlier practise DA was merged with basic pay once it breached 50% mark. But 6th Pay Commission has disallowed that.